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Mr. C (@mrc_live) is a multi-faceted man after God's own heart. He's the CEO of Serious PPL Music, the home of Kingdom Choice nominated artist Serious, and the Co-Chair of James Media LLC (the parent company of Yes Hour Radio and Serious PPL Music). He is also the Host of the syndicated broadcast "Live With MrC, which touches on current events, sports, The Word of God, and great guestS.


When he's not poking fun at an athlete, introducing an exclusive track on the radio, or engaged in a spirited discussion, he's ministering at Massapequa Full Gospel Tabernacle, under the leadership of Rev. Gene Profeta. Mr. C, is looking to let others know that Jesus Christ is no respecter of persons; what He has done for one, He will do for another.

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She has a distinctive voice and is reaching youngsters and adults across the country with her music ministry. Brigitte “Serious” James or Serious as she’s known on stage, knew from the age of 12 that she was created to rap. She didn’t know the four Ws and waited for quite a few years until her watershed day came.


She was 21 years old, on missionary work in Johannesburg, South Africa and was asked by a mentor to minister at an evangelical concert. After giving up on her gift for over 10 years she was very reluctant, but was obedient to the Reverend. That day God used Serious mightily, to heal, set free and deliver young people in Joburg and revived a ministry that was dormant for a decade.


After her missionary work was complete, she headed home to record YES, yielding entirely to the savior, in 2000 and went from church to church ministering in song and the word. Then in 2009 she felt the very strong urge to take her ministry to the next level and began to seek out better producers, management and the like.


In 2011 she signed a deal with Holywood Records. During that year she auditioned for the Staten Island Gospel Fest and became a finalist and was honored to minister to folks from across the tri-state area. That same year, coordinators at WIADCA, a notable “secular” Caribbean organization that furnished scholarships to youngsters in addition to taking part in the Labor Day festivities in NYC invited Serious as the first and only female Christian rapper to perform on the Brooklyn Museum stage for the WIADCA GospelFest.


In August of 2012, Serious was nominated as Female Rap Minister by the Kingdom Choice Awards Committee. Since the nomination, she has successfully toured various parts of Texas with her SAAB message, touching the hearts of women by simply testifying and sharing her music.


Serious has shared the stage with veterans in the Christian Hip Hop realm including Lavoisier, R-Swift, Conquest, Dave TV and a number of others. She has also heard countless testimonies of people being delivered at her shows.


Now under the label Serious PPL Music, which is headed by her husband, Rev. Christopher James, Serious continues to tour and do local and national shows. She is currently working on Are You Serious Vol 2 and has plans to release her debut album during the first quarter of 2014. Serious is an ordained minister and serves in the Sunday School ministry at Massapequa Full Gospel Tabernacle in Massapequa, NY under the leadership of Rev. Gene Profetta.

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