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Beat Team

For over two decades, Sam Bradley has worked to bring quality music and entertainment to the masses. In 1990 he co-founded the Springfield, Massachusetts based D.F.O. Record Group Inc. with his partner Michael Wynn out of frustration involved with shopping their demos to major labels for years with no results. The label was named after their rap group Def Force, in which they were lead members. The transition from rap artist to businessman wasn't easy, but was and continues to be a learning experience. 

In the late 90's, Sam started to refocus his attention and eventually developed Nu World Entertainment, the parent company for Gospel Beat where Sam is currently the Manager for the record label Gospel Beat Entertainment. Gospel Beat Entertainment offers several supports for gospel artists, businesses and individuals looking to go into business including artist management, contracts, unit distribution, marketing and music industry business plans. Sam obtained success with D.F.O. because of his resilient and persistent spirit. He brings that same spirit to Gospel Beat and is looking forward to taking the gospel message through music, to the world!



Lakia Baymon, also known as Kaila Stone, is a music producer and awho desires to draw others to Christ through all that she does. She comes to Gospel Beat with over 15 years of writing experience and a hunger to fulfill God's will. With her background in education, communications and business administration, she brings a unique perspective to Gospel Beat that will reflect in her writing and reporting style.

One of Lakia's favorite sayings is "when one door closes, another opens" and she has excitedly stepped into her position as Manager of The Gospel Beat, the online magazine for Gospel Beat. You can check out her daily and weekly updates on the Gospel Beat website and blog, watch her interviews with your favorite artists at Gospel Beat TV "GBTV" and her new show BEAT NEWS with Lakia Baymon. To book her for an interview or to cover your next event, CLICK HERE.

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